Liz Potter Photography

In 1990 I graduated with a bachelors degree in Photojournalism from The University of Texas, Austin. The following summer I spent two weeks at the Maine Photographic Workshops where I was introduced to the Holga. I fell in love and used it as my main camera until 2017.

Then I bought a Pentax 67... and the intense desire to shoot film was reignited. From late 2018 until the present, I use the Pentax as my primary camera.

While shooting with Holga, with its quirks and limitations, was a challenge I relished for so long because it requires a more visceral approach to photography, ultimately I craved more control.

The tools of photography often dictate the feel, so I enjoy both the more dream-like quality of Holga photos and the sharper, more documentary feel of the images made with the Pentax.