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Commission Work
Commission Work

I'm delighted that people are viewing my work and finding it interesting enough to inquire about commission work.

Do I do commission work?
Normally, no.
The way I shoot, the editing process, and the printing and painting techniques all require a great deal of time and are subject to my own standards. What you see, when viewing my collection, are images that made "the cut"-- meaning, there are many, many portraits I've taken over the years that are not appropriate for this process. When I set out to specifically shoot for a skeleton portrait worthy image, I often don't get the results I had hoped for, and therefore I'm hesitant to promise I can do this in the same way a hired, professional photographer might take on clients.

The only times I've been a "photographer for hire" have been for journalistic reasons, and even then, I've been hired by art directors who let me have the freedom to bring my own photographic voice to an assignment. Some work has been great, some quite mediocre. I should have a page of my out takes to show what it takes to get a good photo.

"But really..." you say, "can't you just paint a skeleton over a photo I have?" no! no no no. I understand, really, I do, but I'm not an app on an iPhone. I know it's cool. I love doing it, but I'm a control freak and I only like doing it with images that I created, under circumstances I created or stumbled across, and with an end result that is up to me to keep or edit out from the series.

So here's my compromise:
If you're local (Austin area), are willing to have me take environmental portraits of an individual (2 max), do not want me to paint a skeleton over your pet, will not expect that the same portraits will be good without the painted addition, understand that I will have editing control, will leave the entire process up to me without needing proofs, or wanting to have a say in how I do it, and won't be horribly disappointed if it just doesn't work out... then I might do commission work.

The process involves:
1. Scouting location
2. Shooting many rolls of black and white film (which I can't guarantee will produce an image I'm happy with, just to be clear)
3. Hand developing the film in my darkroom
4. Making trial prints to choose the final image (my choice)
5. Painting the photograph with oils
6. Scanning the painted photo to produce the final image

This can take several weeks, so my fee starts at $500.

There are more details which I can go through if you're interested in contacting me. (I'm really not a grouch, I just view my work as an artistic interpretation, not a commodity).

I know. I'm bossy.